waspie, underbust cincher , wasp , goth, cyber, cosplay,avantgarde, burlesque, futuristic, sci fi ,armor,chrome


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This listing is for the waist cincher or waspie,wasp ,waist corset,belt, sci fi clothing, goth, cybergoth, steampunk, rave,fetish,vampire,costume,cosplay,armor.

The waist cincher only is listed in here , all other items shown like top and stole are listed separately and not included.

zipper on the front,like in picture 2 is the way you should wear it..you can also wear it lower as short or mini skirt!

Please send me yr measurements and I will make one that fits you.

Hand cut and made out of a rigid pvc mirror .This cincher has a lot of strech to it.

photograph: studioivolution
model :Lluna Alva, Marta cillero
makeup:Melissa Mari

4th picture:
Model:Nina de Liani
Photo:Peter Czenich
Make up /hair: Angi Delrey

Alternative hairshow award winner 2015, Bridget Haren