warrior scifi shoulder pads , epauletes ,shoulder armour , futuristic shoulder cuffs , epaulets


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This listing is for a pair of shoulder pads ,or epauletes for MEN or Women
Adjustable elastic strings on inside of arms, and from the back the pads can be totally separated.

The bolero (last picture) , the goggles on first picture ,gauntlets, top ,wig and cincher are listed else where in my Divamp Couture Shop and NOT included.

This listing is for a pair of shoulder pads.

Great effect for male/female gogo dancers steampunk ,performances

custom made to your arm measurements,need the perimetre of yr bíceps !!

Made out of strong yet flexible mirror pvc,does allow free movements

Does perfectly hold up and follow the shoulder lines.

5th Picture credits :
It's all about the music
Team coordinator: Anni Ulm
Photographer: Lighuen Desanto
Makeup: Raquel Gonzaga & Jo Mackay
Hair: David White
Dresser: Jovana Jocka Ðuric.