organic shaped corset in chrome and clear pieces,robot costume, futuristic cosplay corset , sci fi costume, lady gaga corset , burning man


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My latest in futuristic robot corsets or costume .A combination of organic and hand shapen transparent segments embroidered together with chrome mirror .
It looks just like metal but it is light in weight , yet very strong.

All other items such as shoulder armour, neck , bottoms, are listed separately.

This corset is completely lined and hardened from the inside.
It has an easy put on system ,due that it is able to flap open from the center.
The back side has a corset closure.

If you need the shoulders and neck piece , these can be purchased separately and listed elsewhere in my shop.

Any question ...feel free to ask!
I will respond asap .

5th picture:
Stefan Gesell photography
Model KC

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