Gold cleopatra neck corset armor necklace gothic choker in chrome slave collar victorian edwardian steampunk cyber goth


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Gold armour cleopatra neck corset necklace gothic choker slave collar victorian or edwardian steampunk collar cybergoth necklace

Completely flexible and perfectly adapts to the neck and schoulder.Gold cyber victorian choker or necklace choker for steampunk fetish bdsm ,what ever purpose you feel happy with! neck corset

This is a completely handmade ítem and fish bone structured, hand cut piece by piece and sewn.

This collar has a black zipper on the back for comfort.Its a mirror like, very strong and flexible pvc material.It is lined in black lycra.

Please provide me yr neck perimeter to custom make it to yr size.

Photo: Frank Jagow
Model : Belinda Sabine Bryant
MUAH : Celine fondecave , Assistant: Julia Lydia-Maria