Fembot superhero corset top.Scifi costume, metal effect. Futuristic bustier. Female robot costume. Burlesque metallic top


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Female robot top. Metal bustier by Divamp Couture. Futuristic metallic top. Red or blue combined with chrome.
It just looks like metal, strong but lightweight .

Inspired by the film Metropolis and like most of my works the Art deco decade .Made in metalic effect, mirror reflective material.

For your burlesque performances, to go clubbing,cyberpunk, ,harness,steampunk, lady gaga costume,cybergoth clothing,clubbing you name it or even fetish !

👉Top is listed only, cuffs and collar listed elsewhere in my shop

This bustplate is made out of strong and flexible mirror PVC material with black fabric lining.
The different pieces of this futuristic top are hand shapen and sewn to form the bustplate.
4 Black elastic strings attached .
This corset can be made in B, C ,D cups , pls mention yr cup size on check out

Pls send me yr measurements and cup ,
If you have different needs let me know and I can certainly customize one for you.
I have got 25 years of experience making fashion.

Any questions or modifications... feel free to ask!

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This listing is for the corset top only.

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