Fairy fantasy cosplay corset ,larp corset, sci fi costume, lady gaga corset , burning man, steampunk, futuristic clothing, fusion bra


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This corset is my handmade creation, made for any purpose,steampunk,burning man, vegas girls or even cybergoth or cyberpunk,burlesque ,fusion or rave maybe fetish

This is the Green, silver,champagne color combo

GAUNTLETS not included and listed elsewhere.

I HAVE MANY OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE I can make it to your request

The materials are made out of flexible aluminium brushed effect polyvinyl with fabric lining.It is strong and rigid and also flexible ,Pieces are stiched together following the breast shapes and are embroidered.

Although it looks like brushed metal it is much lighter, and not cold to yr skin !!!.

This top is a C cup I can make it in B and D cup.

Corset closure on the back,

Please contact me for any suggestion or question you may have.

Playmate Jessica Czakon featuring Divamp Couture
With Ah-photo
H&M Nadine Heidt, Carina Muller

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