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This corset / top or bra is my ultimate hand made creation, made for any purpose or festival ,great for burning man, vegas girls or even cybergoth or cyberpunk,fusion or rave you name it !!

The materials are made out of flexible mirrorish polyvinyl with fabric linning.It is strong and firm and also flexible .Pieces are stiched together following the breast shapes.
Although it looks like metal it is much lighter, and not cold on yr skin !!!.

This top can be made in B-C-D cup

THIS LISTING IS ONLY FOR THE TOP, also available in gold ,copper or chrome

The hand cut perforated rubber vest is from earlier collections.

Here you can find the bottoms from this picture:

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first picture:
photograph: NBPHOTO
model: Julie Le Blond

3th picture:
Photo: Studioivolution
Model: Marta

Model:Nina de Liani
Photo:Peter Czenich
Make up /hair: Angi Delrey

Bridget Haren ,award winner alternative hairshow

6th and last picture

It's all about the music
Team coordinator: Anni Ulm
Photographer: Lighuen Desanto
Makeup: Raquel Gonzaga & Jo Mackay
Hair: David White
Jovana Jocka Ðuric