Anger monoblock cyclops, robot goggles futuristic eyewear, scifi visor, cyberpunk eyewear, future facemask


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Handmade bad monoblock cyclops Robot goggles ,space eyewear, futuristic glasses,scifi, futuristic eye wear,head mask great for burningman or any rave festival for men and women

Made out of chrome mirror pvc, lightweight

This listing is for the goggles only .

Pictured is the chrome color frame and green insert.

Other color inserts that provide a clear sight are:
Dark brown and pink insert colors provide a 80-85% clear sight

Because each head is different , I will make a pair just for you .
please send me your measurement from where your ear is attached to the head ,to the tip of your nose.

👽please provide measurement from top of your ear to tip of yr nose , see diagram

Colors of the frame : chrome , red, gold,blue, glossy black, rose-gold/copper,mate orange/ copper , dark chrome

Mind these are show visors ,not to manipulate dangerous machinery or drive cars or motorcycles with